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We've gone back to "V1" (LM561C S6) LEDs, because they have the same IV curve for 3000K and 4000K.  An equivalent light using "V2" (LM301B) LEDs would have a brighter 3000K than 4000K.

We've increased the LED count to 144.  This maintains the same or better efficiency of our V2 panels. (Approximately 2.35uMol/J)

Two channels, 3000K and 4000K, for a 3500K spectrum. Simple, straightforward grow light for a small area.  Let's say, 50x50cm. Full cycle 3500K.

Using a 90% efficient Mean Well LRS-100-24, the light outputs 75W, but can be dimmed using the voltage adjuster.  Be careful not to adjust it without a watt-meter, or you might trigger the overload protection.  Passively cooled.

Dimension of light is 50cm x 10cm x 1cm.  Driver is not waterproof and should be kept outside of the tent.  Dimension of driver is 13cm x 9cm x 3 cm.  Default length is 1.3m of AC cable, and 1.5m of wire between the driver and light.

Just some holes on the heatsink.  Ratchets sold separately.