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The thermal conductivity is slightly improved on the second round design.  We'll add the new photo soon.  


We've gone back to "V1" (LM561C S6) LEDs, because they have the same IV curve for 3000K and 4000K.  An equivalent light using "V2" (LM301B) LEDs would have a brighter 3000K than 4000K.

We've increased the LED count to 144.  This maintains the same or better efficiency of our V2 panels. (Approximately 2.35uMol/J)

Two channels, 3000K and 4000K, for a 3500K spectrum. Simple, straightforward grow light for a small area.  Let's say, 50x50cm. Full cycle 3500K.

Using a 90% efficient Mean Well LRS-100-24, the light outputs 75W, but can be dimmed using the voltage adjuster.  Passively cooled.

Dimension of light is 50cm x 10cm x 1cm.  Driver is not waterproof and should be kept outside of the tent.  Dimension of driver is 13cm x 9cm x 3 cm.  Default length is 1.3m of AC cable, and 1.5m of wire between the driver and light.

Just some holes on the heatsink.  Ratchets sold separately.