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GrowOpz has better grow lights for cheaper than anywhere else in SA.  

If you can find a better deal, let us know.  

144xLM301H 3500K grow bars (3 x 44cm) low on stock. 

144xLM301H 3000K grow bars (4.5x44cm) now available.

240W Red spec and Red/UV/FR spec available on heavy heatsinks.

Larger fixtures (240W/320W/480W/600W) subject to lead times.


GrowOpz - Since 2015

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Visits for pre-arranged collections only. 

Grow Bar fixtures


"450g from 320w of COBs is just madness."

"The 60W QB outperforms my Mars 300"

"I am very impressed with the results and what can be achieved out of a single affordable 60w grow light."