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GrowOpz mainly designs and sells LED grow lights in South Africa. We offer more specialised lights using a variety of heatsinks, drivers (power supplies), and LED PCBs.

Started in 2015. 5 stars on Google.

We’ve moved from Gardens to Observatory. Collections can be arranged on Tuesdays and Fridays.


We also have a range of LED drivers for sale. We offer LED drivers as is, and/or with plug tops, potentiometer (dimmers), and cables. Great prices. Compare and see.

Manufacturer LED Driver Wattage Output Voltage Dimmer Product Link Base Price
Mean Well HLG-150H-48B 150W 48V External Click here R900
Mean Well HLG-120H-48B 120W 48V External Click here R800
Delta LNE-320W-24V-AA 320W 24V Internal Click here R1200
Delta LNE-320W-24V-DA 320W 24V External Click here R1200
Delta LNE-185W-54V-AA 185W 54V Internal Click here R700
Delta LNE-185W-36V-AA 185W 36V Internal Click here R700

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