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No longer selling the XB range.


Grow Opz is now offering super high efficiency lights, based on our latest PCB design for flowering.  

This light is approximately equivalent to the HLG-550 V2 R Spec, which costs R15999. 

We've increased the number of Samsung LM301B LEDs per panel to 252, and added 9 Osram SSL Deep Reds.  Each new panel is equivalent to about 2.7 of our standard 96-LED QB panels.  The White LEDs are 3000K, and the Deep Reds are 660nm. Both approximately 59% electrically efficient.  

This 5-panel version has 1260 Samsung LM301B LEDs (+ 45 Osram SSL deep reds), on a 480W Mean Well HLG driver. Panels designed to max out at 440W, which is 91% driver load. Dims to zero.  (Mean Well recommends 80-90% driver load, for best longevity.)

SUNON Maglev fans keep the fixture cool to the touch. Ratchets included.  

System efficacy is 2.7uMol/J.   Dimensions are 76cm x 76cm.  Flowering footprint estimated at 1.4m x 1.4m.