Supplemental Wavelength Module / Far red initiator (20W / 7W)
Supplemental Wavelength Module / Far red initiator (20W / 7W)

Supplemental Wavelength Module / Far red initiator (20W / 7W)

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'ALL' setting:

Generic flowering supplementation.  Has been tested once so far, versus 4000K control spectrum, from week 5 onwards.  The supplemental lights contributed approximately gram per watt increase in yield, with larger buds on the side with supplementation.  


'Infrared only' setting:

Similar to the RapidLED 'Far red initiator puck', 7W of infrared will cover approximately 1x1m,  and can be run for 15 minutes after lights out, to put plants to sleep.  It allows 13/11 flowering cycles, if you want to experiment with that.  






Constant Voltage LED Driver: ERP VLM-40

Constant Current Step-down LED Driver:  Mean Well LDD-600H or NLDD-700H

QB-11 PCB:  Osram Square and/or SSL diodes:  6 red (640-660nm), 2 blue (440-460nm), 3 "far red" / infrared (720-740nm).


24V total, 1A max.  Driven at 600mA.

The light has a switch, between an 'ALL' circuit and an 'Infrared only' circuit.

The 'ALL' setting is 20W, and the 'Infrared only' setting is 7W.

Note: we might only have NLDD-700H stepdowns, which we're using when LDD-600Hs run out.   So newer versions are closer to 23W, and 8W respectively. 




Note that the ERP VLM-40 is IP20 rated: i.e. not waterproof.  Keep the driver dry.





Note: The light has not been tested for vegging yet. The 'infrared only' setting will probably not be good for vegging, as far red by itself is associated with stretching, and initiating flowering.  The 'ALL' setting is probably OK for vegging, as the ratios are generic (1 : 3 blue to red, and 2 : 1 red to far red).  We should have some testing results for the 'ALL' setting for vegging in the next few months.