Supplemental Red (130W)
Supplemental Red (130W)
Supplemental Red (130W)

Supplemental Red (130W)

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Highest efficiency 660nm LEDs in the world, with direct thermal path PCB technology


Our XPE-HE Photo Red Cree LEDs are the latest available!          

Top bin Flowering booster. 


Intended for use in conjunction with 3000K or 4000K 'warm' or 'natural' white light options, to maximize your flowering.  It causes cells to expand, to maximize their surface area, sometimes to elongate their stems.  You also shouldn't grow plants with just red light, please!  You need blue, at least 10%, generally speaking, which is provided by white light, for proper plant growth.

"Wall plug efficiency" of these LEDs is approximately 57%. Incredible.


Interesting ideas:

Plant leaf surfaces saturate around 450uMol/m^2/s, according to Japanese researchers.

The surface is how far red photons will get to, realistically.  They don't have a lot of energy, but you get a lot more of them for the same amount of energy (i.e. frequency) than with blue photons. Photosynthesis is done by tiny little molecular machines, at photosystem sites, and it's very fast, but it's basically as though the photon is a coin, to run the machine, and this reaction takes place when a single ~680nm red photon / coin, enters the coin slot. 

Want to look at amazing gifs here, and learn about photosynthesis?

So, science for growers: Above a certain amount of red photons, you get diminishing returns, as the surface chloroplasts can't actually deal with more red.  Photons more powerful than red, (ROYGBIV... so, orange yellow, green) become the next most effective photons.  You can see this from the Yield Photon Flux (YPF) curve.