Samsung LT-Q282A 4000K Strip

Samsung LT-Q282A 4000K Strip

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Small official LM301B based strip from Samsung.

275mm x 18mm

200lm/W, 5W max without heatsink.

(11V @ 450mA)

Intended for DIY projects. For small projects. 


Here is an example DIY clone light, using a 24V wall plug (R80), mini-dimmer switch (R45) and 4 x Samsung strips  (R525 total - contact us at if you want the parts for this).  You'd need to get some aluminium offcuts for heatsinking, though actually at 4W per strip, the offcuts aren't even getting warm.  It gets an even 100-150 PAR, which you'd want for clones, over about 35x35cm at about 13cm distance.  The strange light pattern is the strobing effect from the PWM controller.