Ripper v2 Circle Mod (785W) - Three week pre-order

Ripper v2 Circle Mod (785W) - Three week pre-order

Regular price R 16,700.00

This is an example Ripper mod for a customer with a 2.4 x 1.2m tent.  Making use of some of our new PCBs.  

At the recommended 90% driver load, this light is 710W total, which is pretty decent for the space, without breaking the bank.  

The LEDs are spaced out a bit more than the standard Ripper distances, so the light would need to run fairly close, (around 20cm) from the canopy for higher PPFD levels.  More typical distances (30cm+) are giving roughly 500 PPFD measurements.

Consists of an immense:

2016 x Samsung LM301B LEDs,
and (18 x Osram Square, 6 x LG UV diodes) for a touch of UV/blue/red/far-red.

Driven on a 96% efficient Mean Well HLG-600H driver,
and 94% efficient Delta LNE-48V185WAA driver.  Both are dimmable.

Light is two pieces, square meter size each.  Four ratchet pairs.

Spectrum is approximately 3350K, so will be good for full cycle growth, veg to harvest.

The efficiency is approximately 2.7uMol/J.  (194lm/W pre driver, 186lm/W post driver)
Let us know if there is a better deal in SA.