Ripper v2 (600W) - Three week pre-order

Ripper v2 (600W) - Three week pre-order

Regular price R 15,000.00

Consists of a whopping:

1728 x LM301B LEDs,

3333K spectrums available.

driven on a 96% efficient Mean Well HLG-600H driver. 
It's a bit too big for a 1.2 x 1.2m.

 The ultimate design for a 600W Ripper will probably have to change a bit, to make it more suitable for 1.5x1.5m or 2.4 x 1.2m.  It would be a good start for a 2.4 x 1.2m. 


If you're comparing with an imported 6 x QB288 light on a single heatsink, note that the Ripper covers a much larger area, with an even and more usable PPFD, and runs at least 20°C cooler, since we source aluminium in South Africa, and use 5W/mK thermal paste. 

About half the cost of imported lights is the shipping, and so the thin black anodized heatsinks and flat plate heatsinks on Chinese lights typically run at 58°C, because they need to reduce the weight of the fixtures. That high running temperature causes a 10% efficiency drop, according to the Samsung LM301B spec sheet.   

The efficiency is approximately 2.7uMol/J.  (194lm/W pre driver, 186lm/W post driver)
Let us know if there is a better deal in SA.