Ripper v2 (420W) - Two week pre-order

Ripper v2 (420W) - Two week pre-order

Regular price R 12,000.00

Note: Lights are assembled to order, and manufacturing capacity is limited. 

Currently offering 2 week pre-order for the Ripper v2.  

Designed to crush a 1.2x1.2m tent.  

Our third iteration of the Ripper runs at 420W (87,5% driver load - Mean Well recommends 90% max load for best longevity)

Consists of a whopping:

1440 x LM301B 3333K LEDs 

driven on a 95% efficient Mean Well HLG-480 driver. 

(Compare with other brands)

According to the Samsung LED Calculator, the fixture has an approximate efficiency of 199.6lm/W pre-driver, and 189.7lm/W after driver losses, giving it > 2.7uMol/J efficacy.


FYI: For those asking about efficiency difference between Ripper v2 and the 480W Bridgelux EB3 fixture:  The Ripper v2 is slightly more efficient, and 3500K instead of 4000K.  Both work well as full cycle (veg & harvest) lights.