Ripper (430W)

Ripper (430W)

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We're making a new range using our new LED bar strips.

Our first offering is a square meter fixture that runs up to 430W (89.5% driver load - Mean Well recommends 90% max load for best longevity)

We haven't tested the PPFD in a tent yet, but from spot measurements, the light outputs an even 750+ PPFD over a full square meter, with 500+ PPFD to the edges, making it another great option for a 1.2x1.2m tent.

Like most designs of this type, like the Fluence Spydr, the distance from canopy for best PAR output, is 30cm or less.  So take that into consideration, when comparing with the CXM-32 fixtures.

Consists of a whopping 1440 LEDs:

720 x LM561C S6 3000K LEDs 
720 x LM561C S6 4000K LEDs

driven on a 95% efficient Mean Well HLG-480 driver.

According to the Samsung LED Calculator, the fixture has an approximate efficiency of 191.8lm/W pre-driver, and 182.2lm/W after driver losses, giving it a 2.7uMol/J efficacy.