QB-70 4000K "Quantum Board v2"

QB-70 4000K "Quantum Board v2"

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Our original style, but with upgraded diodes - white LEDs with approximately 58% electrical efficiency - currently the highest efficiency full spectrum LED, in late 2018.

For now, the single QB-70 is only offered in 4000K.  

QBv2 (Samsung LM301B) panels, fan-cooled by a 92mm SUNON fan, powered by the Meanwell LPV-100-24 at about 70W. 

Providing 183.7lm/W at the driven current, with an 88% efficient driver, this light outputs a total system efficacy of about 161lm/W, equivalent to 2.35uMol/J PAR efficiency.


Note: We offer multi-panel lights that use more efficient drivers with dimmers, allowing > 2.7uMol/J PAR efficiency.


LED Gardener has an outstanding review of quantum boards here: http://ledgardener.com/quantum-boards-new-alternative-cobs/

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