QB-60 "Quantum Board" (24V, 60W, 180lm/W)
QB-60 "Quantum Board" (24V, 60W, 180lm/W)
QB-60 "Quantum Board" (24V, 60W, 180lm/W)

QB-60 "Quantum Board" (24V, 60W, 180lm/W)

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"Quantum boards" refer to PCB panels, of Samsung LM561C top-bin diodes.  The chips are SMD 5630 size chip. 

At 60W, the panels run at 150mA, (well under the 200mA maximum), and the board achieves 184 lm/W.  At 65mA, its efficiency increases to above 200 lm/W!  Wow.

Our panels are fan-cooled by a 92mm SUNON Maglev fan, and powered by the Meanwell LPV-24-100.  This driver offers 88% efficiency, meeting Class V electrical efficiency standards.

Samsung offers a calculator, for determining the efficiency of a hypothetical 'quantum board' (i.e. any X-Y grid of LEDs) using their chip.  We chose the highest bin diodes, S6, and the voltage level to maximize efficiency, and arranged a modular lattice of 96 LEDs.  

Available in 3000K and 4000K

3000K for flowering

4000K for vegging


Note: We also offer a 320W options, which uses a 94% efficient Meanwell HLG driver.  





LED Gardener has an outstanding review of quantum boards here: http://ledgardener.com/quantum-boards-new-alternative-cobs/