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Two channels, 3000K and 4000K, for a 3500K spectrum. 

Ideal for about a 1m x 0.6m area.

Consists of 576 Samsung LEDs:

288 x LM561C S6 3000K LEDs 
288 x LM561C S6 4000K LEDs
Two driver options:

XLG-200 (94% efficient, 5 year manufacturer warranty)
LRS-200 (89.5% efficient, 3 year manufacturer warranty)

Ratchets included.

Like most grow-bar style lights, these need to be kept closer to the plants than most lights.  The sweet spot is around 20cm.



Samsung LED calculator gives a board level efficacy of 190.5lm/W, so the XLG driver provides 179.1lm/W and the the LRS driver provides 170.5lm/W.  These equate to approximately 2.6 and 2.5 uMol/J efficacy.