Prototype sales: 300W Veg / 430W Flower

Prototype sales: 300W Veg / 430W Flower

Regular price R 9,350.00

A combination of our two main products, the QB-320, and Supplemental Red, into a single light fixture.  The ratio matches the Cree horticultural reference spectrum.

The suggested max wattage is 300W for white and 130W for red, for a 430W light. 

The customer who requested this design said, after a few months of use, "I don't think people know how to use LEDs correctly.  This light is equivalent to 1000W HPS."

The fixture has 10 fans, and runs cool to the touch. This is the third one we've made.

The original price was:

R6999 for the QB-320
R3699 for the Supplemental Red
R100 for the custom build
Total: R10,798.00

On sale for R9,350.00!