Prototype Sale: 300W Bridgelux Vero29 COB fixture

Prototype Sale: 300W Bridgelux Vero29 COB fixture

Regular price R 6,799.00

We occasionally have prototype sales. These are typically once-off lights at good prices.  They are sometimes a bit rough around the edges, or represent ideas we are not planning on doing again, but are perfectly good, functional lights. 

The grow light here consists of:

2 x 3000K 80 CRI Bridgelux Vero29 COBs

2 x 3000K 90 CRI Bridgelux Vero29 COBs

On an 94% efficient HLG-320 driver (7 year manufacturer warranty).  

Will crush a square meter. One customer achieved 1.5g/W with this setup, when we used to sell this setup.  Slightly more on the flowering side of the spectrum, but could be used for vegging too.

Comes with 2 ratchet pairs.  We can provide steel supports to connect the two together into a single fixture.