Prototype Sale: 270W 3-channel Wavelength Experimenter

Prototype Sale: 270W 3-channel Wavelength Experimenter

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We occasionally have prototype sales. These are typically once-off lights at good prices.  They are sometimes a bit rough around the edges, or represent ideas we are not planning on doing again, but are perfectly good, functional lights. 


This light comes with a watt-meter so you can accurately set wattages of the 3 channels.

This light was made to test the 4-panel configuration of these hybrid UFO panels we designed.  Uses three channels, controlled by three potentiometers (dials).  All LEDs are Samsung and Osram, (and LG for UV), for high efficiency.

We have used the panels for vegging, with relative success, but this light is for people who want to experiment with wavelengths, for specific goals, (eg. manipulating photomorphology, increasing resin production, etc.). 

This light would do very well in a square meter, but if you just want high PPFD, there are better, cheaper lights for that.

3 channels:

Channel 1: Warm White (3000K) + Natural White (4000K)

Channel 2: Red (660nm) + Far red (730nm)

Channel 3: Blue (450nm) + UV (395nm)

The Red to Far Red ratio is 1.57 and the Blue to UV ratio is 1.72

Includes 4 hangers, (not ratchets).