Prototype Sale: 180W Veg Light

Prototype Sale: 180W Veg Light

Regular price R 3,499.00

We occasionally have prototype sales. These are typically once-off lights at good prices.  They are sometimes a bit rough around the edges, or represent ideas we are not planning on doing again, but are perfectly good, functional lights. 


The strips are brand new, and intended for DIY use.  We made this light to test out the strips. 


This grow light consists of:

8 x 5000K 80 CRI Samsung 5000K LT-QB22A strips,

On an 94% efficient XLG-200 driver (5 year manufacturer warranty).  


This fixture runs each strip at 22.5W, which is just above the nominal wattage of 20W per strip.

At 20W, the 5000K LM301B LEDs get a solid 208lm/W (195lm/W system efficacy).

You can get the strips for DIY use and save a bunch of money.  The strips can run at 20W without heatsink.