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A high quality commercial flowering / blooming spectrum light at 630W.

Above 480W, it starts becoming difficult to compete with the economies of scale, available to Chinese manufacturers.  

We are buying a few of each of the best >600W lights available, with the eventual intention of comparing them.  (This won't happen any time soon).

This light is the first commercial light offering from our PCB manufacturer, with pretty good specs.  We're a VIP customer, so we can name the light.  We're going with 'OK BLOOMER'

A 95% efficient Inventronics 650W driver, with:

- 1890 LM301B 3500K LEDs

- 84 Osram Square Hyper Reds (660nm)

The bars have nice mini reflector edges, similar to the Growcraft style bevel inlays.

The light is suited for a 1.5x1.5m tent.
Size is approximately 120cm x 110cm, so it would fit a bit tightly in a 1.2x1.2m tent.

PPFD spot measurements were approximately 900 PPFD under the majority of the fixture, at about 20-30cm, dropping to 500 around the edges.