Mini-Ripper v2 (300W) - One week pre-order

Mini-Ripper v2 (300W) - One week pre-order

Regular price R 8,500.00

The Mini-Ripper v2 is an excellent option for a square meter tent.

Customers have achieved 1.5g/W+ grows with the v1 version

Consists of 

864 x Samsung LM301H LEDs.
Currently available in 3500K and 3000K, but soon out of 3500K.

Driven on a 94% efficient Mean Well HLG-320 driver.

According to the Samsung LED Calculator, the fixture has an approximate efficiency of 208.2lm/W pre-driver, and 195.7lm/W after driver losses, giving it 2.7uMol/J efficacy.