Jiffy pellets
Jiffy pellets

Jiffy pellets

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We resell Jiffy pellets - they expand when wet, into an easy to use growth medium.  The cocopeat made from Canadian peat bogs and Sri Lankan coconut husks is as luxurious as it gets, for seedlings and cuttings. 

They sound pretty bad for the environment? Well, perhaps because of the shipping, but the peat is harvested only from government controlled areas where there is no danger of over-harvesting.  (If you've been to Kerala, India, you'll know there are plenty of coconuts to go around.)

Put them in dechlorinated water, and watch them grow!

Just drop your seed into the hole on top.

Put in a humid place. Spray with water every day or two.

 We have jiffy trays, too.

Once a good root system has developed throughout the media, they can be directly placed into a larger soil pot, or into certain hydroponic systems.