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We're introducing a new range of lights, as we add new prototypes.  

For now, calling the hybrid designs HB, for "Hybrid Beastie".

We've increased the number of Samsung LM301B LEDs per panel to 252, and added 9 Osram SSL Deep Reds.  Each new panel is equivalent to about 2.7 of our standard 96-LED panels.  

The White LEDs are 3000K, and the Deep Reds are 660nm. Both approximately 59% electrically efficient.  This model has a 3500K CXM-22 COB in the middle, for increased intensity.

This HB-240 has 504 Samsung LM301B LEDs,18 Osram SSL Deep Reds, and a Luminus CXM-22 on a 94% efficient HLG-240H-C1750A driver.

This is a substantial step up in efficiency from the QB-240, with 480 LM301B LEDs.

Each panel has a silent SUNON Maglev fan on the back, keeping the temperature down.

Dimensions are 50cm x 55cm x 10cm approximately.