Half-Ripper v2 (220W) - One week pre-order

Half-Ripper v2 (220W) - One week pre-order

Regular price R 6,000.00

Fixture size is approximately 80cm x 55cm. 

Consists of 720 Samsung LM301B LEDs, spectrum depending on PCB stock:

Assembled, currently available: 

144 * 4000K LM301B
576 * 3000K LM301B

(3200K spectrum, better for flowering than vegging, but can veg too).

Slightly 'logarithmic' placement, for more even PPFD.

Uses a 94% efficient HLG-240 driver.  Because of lower temperature and higher diode count, our light will be at least 10% more efficient than typical Chinese 2*QB288 fixture designs for 240W. 

According to the Samsung LED Calculator, the fixture has an approximate efficiency of 199.6lm/W pre-driver, and 187.62lm/W after driver losses, giving it > 2.7uMol/J efficacy