GrowOpz DIY LED bar (3000K/4000K)

GrowOpz DIY LED bar (3000K/4000K)

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We're offering our new LED bars, similar to the tunable-white Vesta and Solstrip series, but with a narrower spectrum band, between 3000K ("warm white") in the one channel, and 4000K ("natural white") in the other channel. 

The bar is 440mm x 30mm and has 144 LEDs, split into two channels.

72 * Samsung LM561C S6 3000K

72 * Samsung LM561C S6 4000K

Each channel is 24V.   

Nominal current @ 700mA, Max current @ 1750mA

(i.e. Nominal wattage of 2*24*0.7 = 33.6W. 
Maximum wattage of 2*24*1.75 = 85W.) 

Approximately 200lm/W (pre-driver) achieved at nominal current:  (4000K @ 203.3lm/W, 3000K @ 195lm/W)


Wiring is easiest as 24V in parallel.

Comes with Molex Lite-Trap wire-to-board push-in connectors. We recommend AWG 18 single-core (not braided) wire, or if using braided wire, solder the ends of the wire, or it's tough to push in.


Disclaimer/Warnings: Our DIY strips do not have any warranty, unfortunately, due to the nature of DIY.  Note: Do not use with Zinc plated washers. Brass or nylon washers are preferable.  Heatsink required for most applications.  We're not responsible for any dangerous things the customer does with this product. Be careful.  If in doubt, perhaps because you are using an Aluminium frame instead of a finned heatsink, then measure the temperature of the extrusion after 5, 10, 15 minutes.  If it's too hot to touch, you need more heatsinking, or a fan, perhaps, or you need to run it at a lower current.