Geekbeast Pro 630W - 1 left!
Geekbeast Pro 630W - 1 left!
Geekbeast Pro 630W - 1 left!
Geekbeast Pro 630W - 1 left!

Geekbeast Pro 630W - 1 left!

Regular price R 17,500.00

After Migro's review, showing the GeekLight GeekBeast Pro to have the best 3 year value of lights on the market, we bought 3 of them, to get in on the hype.  

We might keep one for ourselves, for research purposes, and in case customers need spare parts.

So there are 2 available, and we're selling them at the standard retail rate.  Might get snapped up quick, might not.  We'll decide whether to get more, based on the demand, at R19k.


The light is based on 3000K diodes with quite a substantial boost of red, so it might work for vegging, but is definitely more suited for flowering.

Specs are:

1512pcs LM301B 3000K

72pcs Osram SSL 660 nm

24pcs Osram SSL 730 nm (IR)

24pcs LG 385 nm (UV)

With dimmable IR & UV.  Inventronics driver.


  • Micromole per Joule: 2.78 µmol/J



Note that this light is putting out 1000+ PPFD very evenly.  Unless you have a well monitored hydro setup, and can recognise nutrient deficiencies, etc., this light is probably going to be overkill for a 1.2x1.2m tent.  

Like our 600W light, it's probably more realistically suited for 1.5x1.5m for the average grower.  For comparison, our 600W light is 1728pcs LM301B on a 600W driver. Our PCBs aren't inlaid in reflectors, so the spread is wider, and the PPFD is more typically around 700+ PPFD over the canopy at typical distances.