Continuous PH/EC Monitor
Continuous PH/EC Monitor

Continuous PH/EC Monitor

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Seriously ideal for continuous monitoring of pH and EC levels.
Just look at it, stuck on the outside of your water reservoir, and read the pH and EC levels.  Whenever you're interested, the information is just there.  Game changer.


We tested many devices, even digital data converters, and this is our favourite. 

Measuring the pH (acidity) and EC (conductivity) of water can become a dreary task, especially with cheap, fickle hand-stick devices.  This thing is a pleasure, for a hobbyist. 


Quality product, automatically compensates for the effect of the temperature on pH and EC readings.


Comes in a well-protected box.




Measuring range:  PH: 0.00~14.00ph
EC: 0~19.99ms/cm
Accuracy: PH: ±0.1ph
EC: ±2%FS
Resolution: PH: 0.01ph