Clone Baby 240W (3000K + 660nm)

Clone Baby 240W (3000K + 660nm)

Regular price R 5,299.00

We have had "If you find a better deal in South Africa, let us know" up for a few months, and we only received reference to competitors' HLG clones with Epistar LEDs, priced at R5999.

We imported and tested a few Chinese HLG clones and compared the ones with 660nm Epistar LEDs and with 660nm Osram LEDs, and these are the better option. 

The lights are very efficient and bright, with 512 Samsung LM301B LEDs and 32 Osram SSL Deep Red LEDs, on an HLG-240H-2100A driver. 

The clones are smaller than our other lights, so the spread is not as even.  The heatsink temperature also rises more than our other lights.  But the heatsink is sufficient, and we add a few extra meters of cable to allow you to keep the driver outside of your tent.

We added this light to replace our QB-240.  Our 240W recommendation is the HB-240, which has a more even spread, but this is a fine light, and is priced well.