Capacitors Set (15 values)

Capacitors Set (15 values)

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A box of smaller capacitor values.


Capacitor Range : 0.1nF~22nF

Capacitor Tolerance: ±10%
Working Voltage: 1KV~3KV
Quantity: 300PCS (20pcs of each type)

Ceramic Capacitor Kit

1kV 102


1kV 222


1kV 103


1kV 223


2kV 471


2kV 561 


2kV 681


2kV 102


2kV 152


2kV 332


3kV 101


3kV 221


3kV 222


3kV 472


3kV 103



The capacitors have standard capacitor codes on them, for identification. 

For an explanation of how capacitor codes work, see this link