Bridgelux Vero29 Gen7 COB grow light

Bridgelux Vero29 Gen7 COB grow light

Regular price R 950.00

One of the most reliable and efficient LEDs on the market.

3500K spectrum in stock - (good general purpose flowering spectrum)


The nominal current of 2.1A provides about 80W of light, but the Vero can be pushed to over twice this current.

We have Meanwell drivers in stock for most configurations, and can customise a build to your wattage requirements.  With COB (Chip on board) LEDs, lowering the current increases the efficiency.  But this reduces the power output. 

A common configuration is three Vero29s run at 2100mA, on an HLG-240H-2100C driver, for a total of 240W.


Link to Technical Product description

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