65W Bridgelux 1.2m EB3 4000K fixture

65W Bridgelux 1.2m EB3 4000K fixture

Regular price R 1,700.00

This is a fully dimmable fixture using:

2 x Bridgelux EB3 4000K 1.12m strips on flat bar aluminium.  Total length is 1.2m, width is 20cm.  Runs at under 30 degrees C.  Frame width can be customised.

1 x Mean Well HVG-65-42B LED driver, (5 year rated, 90% efficient)

3m cable between light and LED driver.

Measures 300 PPFD at 20cm, so this would be suitable for shelf growing, for early vegetative stage, or similar.  

Note that even a free fluorescent fixture of equal intensity would end up costing more in total, in less than a year of use.  The lifespan of this fixture is also about double that of fluorescent lights.