5mm RGB Straw-hat LED (Common-Anode) - 10 Pack

5mm RGB Straw-hat LED (Common-Anode) - 10 Pack

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These 5mm Clear RGB LEDs can create any colour.  They are common-anode, which means you connect the longest pin to 3.3V or 5V, and then tie the other three legs to ground through a resistor.

We carry Common Anode because multi-LED driver chips (such as the TLC5940) are designed exclusively for common anode, and will not work with common cathode LEDs.

  • 5mm diameter
  • Forward Voltage at 20mA:  Red 1.8V-2.4V, Green 2.7V-3.3V, Blue 2.8V-3.4V
  • Typical Wavelength at 20mA: Red 623nm, Green 520nm, Blue 468nm

 Link to Datasheet