360L/H 12V Water Pump
360L/H 12V Water Pump

360L/H 12V Water Pump

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The central part of any circulating hydroponic system.

12V Submersible Water Pump.  (Requires 12V power supply)

Built-in sponge filter.

Almost eerily quiet.

10mm inner diameter tube outlet.  (Tubing available upon request.)

ABS moulded engineering plastic

Comes with DC connector.



A very small (38*36*25mm) submersible water pump for hydroponics or aquarium applications.  Comes with a little U-shape accessory to keep the pump in place.

Max working temp: 60 degrees C
Power consumption: 4.8W
Rated voltage: 12V DC
Max rated current: 350mA

Max flow rate: 370L/H
Max Height: 3m
Noise: <40dB
Life span: >20000hrs