20W COB Grow Light

20W COB Grow Light

Regular price R 399.00

An assembled, passively cooled 20W grow light using a 50W Cool White "flip-chip COB" underpowered at 20W. 

We designed this simple light for a DIY article in Grow to Eat magazine.

It is easy to put together.  Drill holes, apply thermal grease to the back of the LED, compress to heatsink with screw or rivet, and connect to the driver.

COB (Chip on Board) is a newer technology, allowing a high density of chips to be run at lower current, resulting in better efficiency, and cheaper prices.  We have stocked COBs from a manufacturer that uses "flip-chip" manufacturing, which further increases the efficiency, over the previous standard.

20W of cool white light is enough to grow seedlings, herbs and microgreens in your pantry.  The colour spectrum is 6500K, meaning there is a high content of blue light, which is appropriate for the early stages of plant development. 

Our other 20W grow light will be more efficient than this light, because of the monochromatic colours targetting plant photosystems, but this light is more appropriate for kitchens and living spaces.  Not everyone wants a disco.

Parts list:

1 x (100x200mm) Aluminium Heatsink = R150
1 x LED Driver 18-34V = R90
1 x Cool White flip-chip COB = R100
1 x JST connector = R5
1 x Switch cable = R30
Assembly fee (Thermal grease, drilling, soldering) = R30
Total: R405 (Let's round it down to R399)