180W Samsung LT-QB22A 5000K fixture

180W Samsung LT-QB22A 5000K fixture

Regular price R 5,400.00

This is a dimmable fixture using 10 x Samsung LT-QB22A 5000K 1.12m strips on flat bar aluminium.  

The 200W XLG-200-L driver is 94% efficient and like the strips, are rated for 5 years.  This is a vegging strip fixture.  You'll still need to keep it relatively close to the plants. 

When comparing with T5 fluorescent fixtures, consider this fixture is likely twice the efficiency.  So at 18 hours/day, and R2/kWh, the cheaper price of a T5 fixture diminishes at about R3.50 per day (R1277 per year). 

The fixture runs the strips at 18W each, slightly below nominal 20W, achieving 210lm/W pre-driver (197lm/W post-driver), for 2.7uMol/J system efficacy.