QB-120W R-Spec Clone

QB-120W R-Spec Clone

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A clone of the HLG QB288v2 R-Spec, 

consisting of 

-272 Samsung LM301B 3500K

-16 Osram SSL reds

on our large 4kg heatsinks, (with a thin layer of 5W/mK thermal paste, like all of our lights.)

This is another option at the 120W level, like the QB-130v2 and CXM-32.  

It's R-spec, but 3500K, so though it's on the flowering side of things, you could probably grow full cycle with this.  Overall spectrum looks a bit warmer than our 3333K lights.

Running on a 94% efficient Delta LNE-54V-150W-AA driver, or 92% efficient Mean Well XLG if you prefer the bigger name brand driver.

If you're comparing with a similar light, note that our massive heatsink means this light runs about 20 degrees cooler than the typical HLG clones on thin anodized heatsinks.  This equates to about a 10% efficiency boost compared to pretty much any QB-120 on the market.

At least from a quick look around, this is a good deal.  Prices of similar clones from other RSA vendors include: R3695, R3600, R3999. R3440.