120W Luminus Gen 4 CXM-32 COB fixture
120W Luminus Gen 4 CXM-32 COB fixture

120W Luminus Gen 4 CXM-32 COB fixture

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Luminus Gen4 CXM32, 3500K 80 CRI COBs.  Highest efficiency COBs of 2019.

On 93% efficient dimmable XLG-150 drivers.  Set to the nominal current of 122.9W, on a huge 400mm x 200mm x 40mm heatsink.


Now offering Delta LNE 54V 150W drivers while in stock, for R100 less. 


Mean Well XLG vs Delta LNE driver

Efficiency and Longevity specs are practically identical, but the Delta is a constant voltage driver, while the Mean Well is a constant power driver. So the Mean Well stays at the wattage you set it to.

With the Delta driver, the wattage needs to be set after warming up, because temperature increases voltage, and so you need to wait for constant voltage drivers to come to thermal equilibrium, and then set the maximum wattage. 



(Compare to 'ModOne', same COB run at only 100W, for R3500)


The COB is able to be run up to a whopping 284W with adequate cooling.  (We don't recommend you try - that would require water cooled copper)


We use a 120 degree angle BJB COB mini-reflector.  We did use glass lenses for a while, but the COB holder provides even downward pressure.  With a glass lens, you need the glass pushing down on the lead wires to get pressure on the other two corners, which is a bit hacky.   


COBs offer a higher intensity of light, over a smaller area than quantum boards. 

The new Gen 4 Luminus COBs are an efficient new COB, released in 2019, with efficiency greater than Cree CXB3590, Bridgelux Vero29 and Citizen CLU48/58.


Recommended vegging height of 60cm, flowering height of 35-45cm, with a 90 degree glass lens.  Migro reckons the COB at 115W is good for 60x60 flowering and 90x90 vegging.


 COB comparison

(Image from Migro Youtube video) 

Technical data: https://download.luminus.com/datasheets/Luminus_CXM-32_GEN4_Datasheet.pdf