120W Luminus Gen 4 CXM-32 COB fixture

120W Luminus Gen 4 CXM-32 COB fixture

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Luminus Gen4 CXM32, 3500K 80 CRI COBs have arrived.

Highest efficiency COBs of 2019.

We are awaiting arrival of 93% efficient dimmable XLG-150 drivers, but you can pre-order now.  We should have stock from July 24th.


Set to the nominal current of 122.9W on a huge 400mm x 200mm x 40mm heatsink.


The COB is able to be run up to a whopping 284W with adequate cooling.  (We don't recommend you try - that would require water cooled copper)

We are currently just offering the light in a 120 degree angle BJB COB mini-reflector, but we will have some lens options in the future.


COBs offer a higher intensity of light, over a smaller area than quantum boards. 

The new Gen 4 Luminus COBs are an efficient new COB, released in 2019, with efficiency greater than Cree CXB3590, Bridgelux Vero29 and Citizen CLU48/58.


Recommended vegging height of 60cm, flowering height of 45cm. 

 COB comparison

(Image from Migro Youtube video) 

Technical data: https://download.luminus.com/datasheets/Luminus_CXM-32_GEN4_Datasheet.pdf