QB-200 Dimmable "Quantum Board V2"

QB-200 Dimmable "Quantum Board V2"

Regular price R 4,499.00

A new 180W, 4-panel QBv2 (Samsung LM301B) light, passively cooled on 1m heatsinks, powered by the new Mean Well XLG-200-24A. 

Providing >183.7lm/W, with an 94% efficient driver, this light outputs a total system efficacy of about 172lm/W, equivalent to 2.5-2.6uMol/J PAR efficiency.

This light is intended for owners of QB-320s who want to supplement their 300W light up to 480W, to properly fill up a 1.2x1.2m tent.

If you already own a QB-320, we'll give you a R500 discount on these lights. 


Note: Dimming the light will increase efficiency to 2.7uMol/J and higher.