Extended QB-320 Dimmable "QBv2"

Extended QB-320 Dimmable "QBv2"

Regular price R 6,750.00

An alternative layout, for larger setups.  The heatsinks used for this style are 1m long (by 10cm wide).  Each light has a fan on the back.

Read about the standard (non-extended) product here (opens new window)

Customers buying a 600W setup receive two of these, typically.  (R13500 total).

The 600W setup has the same number of the same LEDs as the HLG-550 V2 (a popular 480W fixture), but goes up to 600W (640W max), instead of only 480W.  

Two QB-320s (600W) is cheaper, and (more than) equivalent to the HLG-550 V2.  But we rate our's a better product, with wider spread, more heatsink, kept cool to the touch with super high quality, silent Maglev fans.