Water Crisis 2017


We are pleased to announce that we'll be expanding into new office space, on Buitenkant street, in August!  (Just above Naronas')

We might not keep the name, "Make Light", going forward.  It will likely become subsumed under a new, cooler sounding brand name that signifies an entrance into the larger, hydroponics space.

We plan to encourage use of hydroponic systems, which use less than 5% as much water as traditional farming.

Make Light were the first to provide South African assembled grow lights, and have stayed with the times, followed the forums, conducted tests on different lights, and provided what customers want.  

We'll continue to offer the best options for every budget.

Proven technologies, with tests and real-world grows to prove it. 

Our next design is based on an old idea, recreated with new efficient SMD LEDs, dubbed "Quantum boards" by HLG.  Chilledlights.made some new designs based on this, including high efficiency red Lumileds.

We will offer our own version of these panels, using one of the most efficient LEDs in the world at present. Weighing in, in the 65mA division, at an incredible 200 lumens/Watt... the Samsung LM561C!  Plus a flexible design allowing for any CCT between 3000K and 4000K.  

(For comparison, a Phillips or Osram bulb from the store is 107 lumens/Watt).  

With our modular design, panels of natural/warm white light can be supplemented with high efficiency red mono-chromatic LEDs, for even more efficient plant-growing.

(Coming in August....)

Remember to save water, and prepare for the worst!  The big dams won't last a year. Get some buckets.