Happy 2016!

We're already 3 months old, and the site is starting to take shape. 

Lots of exciting ventures and opportunities are coming out of the woodwork! Here's some of the latest news:

- Our hydroponics and greenhouse LED lighting prototypes are running all by themselves, and the plants are loving it.  We've given names to 50 plants and are keeping track of their growth, for science!
- Some massive Afrika Burn LED art installation projects are in the works, using our WS2812B pixels.
- We've received interest from an industrial barley grower currently using fluorescent lights. 
- We've made some custom rainbow LED strips for clients.
- We've received interest in setting up an automated rooftop garden.
- We've received interest in setting up visual effect lighting for resin cast displays.
- We set up a seed planting stall at Open Bree Streets, and gave away 80 little seedling pots to kids and various excited pedestrians.

So get in contact if you have a project you would like help with.  It's still early days, and we're still finding our niches.  But you just have to plant a seed, give it light and water, and the sky's the limit.  (Or possibly your ceiling is, if you're growing indoors.)